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Company Income Tax

company tax

All companies from large to small must submit a company income tax return, but when tax season rolls around, you may find that you are simply too busy to commit the necessary staff to the process of doing those returns. In fact, with many businesses struggling to simply keep their heads above water in this difficult economy, is there any business that can survive if they allocate a portion of their resources to completing returns?

Well, the good news is that not only is this no longer necessary for companies, it is not expensive to hire an external stakeholder to complete company returns. For many businesses, there are simply too many factors involved in submitting tax returns to make the process a smooth one. Besides the need to input the assets that the company holds, both at the company’s actual premises and off site, there is also a need to take salaries, pension funds, medical aids and a variety of other factors into account. So what happens when there is a need for a dedicated team to complete a tax return, but not enough staff to spare?

This is the point where a trained professional can really help, both in terms of completing company tax returns and in terms of giving the right advice to ensure that any company is compliant with the regulations of SARS, and is submitting the documents that will best serve them when it comes to paying in, or being paid out.

If you are the owner of a company, part of what you do has to be ensuring that your company is compliant with the regulations of governing bodies. But as an owner, you doubtless have many other things to worry about, and cannot spare the time to ensure that these regulations are met. An external stakeholder that can complete your company income tax for a fee should not be a simple consideration, but should be deemed a necessity in this situation. And as for the cost, remember that the cost of hiring such a service provider is probably lower than the cost of human input for a job this large.

Whether your company is large or small, ensure that you are not doing it a disservice by trying to allocate resources you don’t have to the problem of company income tax returns. Rather, trust in the professionals who can do the work for you, for a nominal fee.

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